National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems

(NPDES) Permits

Earth Disturbance activities that involve 1 acre or more over the life of the project require a NPDES Permit.  There are two types of NPDES Permits for stormwater discharges associated with construction activities:

  • Individual Permits are required for projects which take place within a Special Protection Watershed(PDF), such as streams classified in Chapter 93 or on the DEP Existing Use classification as High Quality (HQ) or Exceptional Value (EV). Exceptional Value Wetlands and streams classified as “Class A Wild Trout” by the PA Fish & Boat Commission may also be considered Special Protection Watersheds.
  • General Permits are required for all other projects which meet the NPDES permit criteria but do not fall under the Individual Permit Guidelines.
  • Erosion and Sediment Control General Permit (ESCGP-2) are required for oil and gas activities (exploration, processing, treatment operations or transmission lines) involving 5 or more acres of disturbance.
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Permit is required for Timber Harvesting or Road Maintenance activities that plan to have 25 acres or more of earth disturbance over the life of the project.

Please refer to the Fact Sheets linked to the permits above for more information or feel free to visit the Bureau of Clean Water and E&S Resources web pages for more information as well.

Below is a list of the basic requirements for NPDES Permit Application Package (exact requirements can vary depending on the type of permit as well as the location and scope of your project):

  • Notice of Intent (NOI) or Application Form
    • Appendix A Land Use Questions
    • County and Municipal Notices – and Proof of Receipt (Appendix B & C)
    • Completed Worksheets (*all that are applicable)
  • Consistency Letter from County or Municipal engineer (*if applicable)
  • General Information Form (GIF) (* this is required for Individual Permits only)
  • Cultural Resource Notice (* this is required for Individual Permits only)
  • Permit Filing Fees – All 3 must be included

**  Please refer to the Warren County Conservation District(WCCD) Application & Fee Schedule(PDF)

  • Permit Fee (checks made payable to “WCCD Clean Water Fund”)
    • General Permit -$500
    • Individual Permit – $1500
  • Disturbed Acre Fee
    • $100 per disturbed acre (checks made payable to “Pennsylvania Clean Water Fund”)
  • WCCD Review Fee(PDF)
    • Please refer to the WCCD Application & Fee Schedule(link above)
    • Checks are payable to “Warren County Conservation District”
  • Location Map
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
  • Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory(PNDI) – Final Receipt and Clearances
  • Post Construction Stormwater Management Plan (PCSM)

All NPDES Permits are to be submitted to the WCCD for initial processing.  General NPDES Permits are reviewed and approved in house.  For Individual NPDES Permits WCCD does an administrative review along with the Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan review, but the PA Department of Environmental Protection’s Northwest Regional Office is responsible for final permit issuance.

It is a Pennsylvania Requirement that a pre-application meeting be scheduled for ALL NPDES Permits.

Please contact Amanda Frederick ( or call the office at (814) 726-1441 ext 4; to schedule a meeting to discuss your project prior to submitting your permit.