Office Building and Education Center

The Hatch Run Conservation Education Center, HRCEC, is located at the corner of Hatch Run Road and Conewango Avenue in Warren, Pennsylvania.  The HRCEC has been a centerpiece for facilitating youth and adult education in all areas of conservation: forestry, agriculture, wildlife, soil and water resources.  The HRCEC sits adjacent to 347 acres of land managed by the District.  This property is currently used as an outdoor classroom for teaching natural resources conservation: grazing demonstration area, timber management plots, and home to Children’s Nature Camp. In addition, the property serves as a recreational resource with a pond for fishing, four miles of walking trails and a picnic pavilion. The educational programs of the District serve several hundred children and adults directly each year and many more indirectly. The completion of the HRCEC has allowed the District to more fully realize the endless educational opportunities available on the property.

The office side of the building was completed in 2016 and staff moved in last March. There have been thousands of hours of volunteer labor contributed by individuals and local organizations, and much of the work was done, without cost to the District, by the Pennsylvania Conservation Corps.

Please support Warren County conservation education by giving as much as you are able toward the completion of the Hatch Run Conservation Education Center. All gifts are tax deductible through the Hatch Run Charitable Trust, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Significant contributions are needed to meet our goal. Please contribute now or make a pledge for the very near future to the Hatch Run Charitable Trust. If you would like to tour the building or grounds please call the District Office.

The Board of Directors wants to extend our thanks to all who come forward to support us with contributions to this project. We would like to give a special thank you to those who have supported us from the beginning.