Community Gardens July 2009 001

If you are interested in getting a garden plot or maybe even another plot in addition to the one you already have call us at 814-726-1441 or email .

History of the Gardens

In 2008 the District began its community garden endeavor. The District received a request by a local Warren resident about the possibility of the District having community garden plots that citizens could rent just like the State Hospital used to have at the Farm Colony site. The District thought this was a great idea and pursued it in the next growing season.

The first step was to figure out a location and how many plots to start with. Due to renters needing good access to their plots the present location was selected. An entrance off of Hatch Run Road was already present and the area was not being used for any other purpose or project so it was deemed the location of the gardens.

In 2008 the District started with 10 garden plots that were 25’ x 25’. The District charges $25.00 for each plot to offset costs of materials for the layout and for the preparation of the soil by plowing and tilling.

Overall the community gardens have been a great success for the District and the people that are getting their hands dirty, getting outdoors, and growing some of their own produce. There is nothing better than enjoying something you grew on your own.  It is very rewarding watching something grow from seed to table.




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