Rainbow over Corn Fields

The politician talks and talks,
The actor plays his part,
The soldier glitters on parade,
The goldsmith plies his art,
The scientist pursues his germ,
O, er the terrestrial ball,
The sailor navigates his ship,
But the farmer feeds them all.
~ ~ ~
 The preacher pounds his pulpit desk,
Brokers read their lengthy tapes,
The tailor cuts and sews his cloth,
To fit the human shape,
The dame of fashion, dressed in silks,
Goes forth to dine or call,
Or drive, or dance, or promenade,
But the farmer feeds them all.
~ ~ ~
The workman wields his shiny tools,
The merchant shows his wares,
The aeronaut above the clouds,
A dizzy journey he dares,
But art and science soon would fade,
And commerce dead would fall,
If the farmer ceased to reap and sow,
For the farmer feeds them all.
~ ~ ~
(The Warren County Conservation District received this poem written by an anonymous person many years ago.  We take no credit for it;  we simply wanted to share it with everyone.)