Pavilion & Privy


Use of property and buildings

The Hatch Run Conservation Demonstration Area (HRCDA) is part of the farm property formerly owned by the Warren State Hospital. The Warren County Conservation District (WCCD) purchased this property from the state in order to demonstrate to the public conservation best-management practices in forestry, agriculture, wildlife, and recreation and to use the property as an educational venue for children and adults interested in conservation. WCCD chooses to keep this property open to the public and requests the following considerations:

1) Individuals may use the picnic pavilion, hike the trails and visit the pond freely keeping in mind the following rules:

  • Do not litter anywhere.  Take all refuse home with you.  We have NO funding for garbage clean up anywhere on the property.
  • Clean up after pets if they relieve themselves on the trail, near the pavilion or in any area used regularly by others.
  • If the restroom is open for use, keep it clean for others. We have NO funding for restroom clean-up.
  • Do not remove animals or plants from the property. Be gentle when handling plants and animals and handle minimally – look but don’t touch when possible.
  • We support the Leave No Trace Principles.

2)  Hunting in season is permitted on the property. WCCD may post signage advising users that there is an activity scheduled on the property. Hunters must be aware that non-hunters may be on the property. Non-hunters this means that you must be aware of hunting seasons.  Safety precautions must be followed by hunters and non-hunters. Wear orange during hunting season for your safety. Users agree to comply with current Pennsylvania Game Commission rules and regulations.

3) Fishing is permitted at the HRCDA pond. It is our wish that fishing be limited to children accompanied by an adult, young people and handicapped people who may not be able to fish otherwise. We encourage catch and release. Users agree to comply with current Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission rules and regulations.

4)  There are no designated trails for motorized vehicles or horses so these activities are prohibited in order to keep the trails safe and well-maintained for hikers.

5) Group registration of the property and facilities:

  • All organized groups regardless of the size of the group must register with the WCCD before bringing the group to the HRCDA. Though there is no fee to visit the property, there is a fee of $25.00 to use the pavilion and restroom. We are asking you to register so that we can record use of the facility for funding purposes and because we want to avoid disappointment should more than one group want to use the facility at the same time. The pavilion fee is charged to help maintain the facility.
  • Family groups or other informal groups of 10 or more who wish to reserve the pavilion must contact WCCD to register. There is a fee of $25.00 to reserve the pavilion and restroom. You will receive the combination to the restroom door after your payment has been received.
  • Registered users of the pavilion will take precedence over non-registered users of the pavilion. Groups gathered for WCCD or HRCDA activities take precedence over other users.

6)  HRCDA is a free public facility. At no time may any individual or group charge a fee to use the HRCDA facility without prior approval from WCCD. Examples of possible reasons for an approved fee might be to cover the cost of the pavilion or to purchase educational materials. No profit may be gained by any person or group using the facility or conducting a program.

7)  Limited camping opportunities may be permitted with prior approval from WCCD.

8)  WCCD reserves the right to restrict use of the HRCDA at any time.

 The Warren County Conservation District staff and volunteers who guide and contribute to the Hatch Run Conservation Demonstration Area welcome you to this special place.  Please let us know if you see something amiss or find something interesting or worrisome. This is your facility too and we hope that you will help us care for it. Contributions for the maintenance of the HRCDA facilities are always welcome and appreciated. These donations can be made to WCCD.